Our everyday life certainly is different nowadays. Meetings are run digitally, you greet each other with an awkward elbow-high-five and hands have never been as clean as now. In the middle of this special pandemic wave, we have received some very nice news; Cygni is Sweden's Best Workplace for the seventh time in a row!

The award is handed out by the Great Place To Work Foundation. It is based on the largest employee survey in the world. The survey is conducted in more than 50 countries worldwide!

When Cygni was founded in 2006, the goal was to offer the very best workplace. That goal is central in our entire business, every day. When we joined GPTW the first time, we didn't really know what to expect, but now that we've taken seven straight wins in Sweden, we can say that Great Place To Work has helped us to achieve our vision – to be the best employer. We have used GPTW as a channel for improvements and to discover areas where we as a company can further develop ourselves. The answers and comments we received via GPTW from our employees have through the years led to many concrete improvements at Cygni.

However, we now feel that it is time for us to take a break from Great Place To Work. This is the last time we participate in GPTW for a while, but we will of course look for new ways to develop the company. Whatever that may be, the future will show, but the vision is still the same – to be the best employer for skilled and ambitious system developers.

I asked Jon Persson, who is the CEO of Cygni, what we should do instead of GPTW? How should we replace the positive things that GPTW has given us? Jon replies:

The answer is that we will figure that out together at our next conference, whenever that will be. One of the most appreciated conference sessions in recent years was when we divided ourselves into committees and worked on various important issues. We will run that concept again. And one of the committees will focus on Cygni after the GPTW era; what should we replace GPTW with?

In the past year we have, as usual, done a lot of exciting things together. One of the highlights is our trip to Alicante where the whole company got to know each with the help of regatta, karaoke, and of course a huge focus on skills development.

Regatta in AlicanteRegatta in Alicante

Skills development is something that we are passionate about here at Cygni. Every fall we host our tech conference named Cygni Tech Summit, and this time it was better than ever with a really good spread of topics. Everything from the news in Java 14 to Dark Patterns (UX) and how you can easily find the way to long-term sustainable health in everyday life.

Linnea gives a talk at CTS 2019Linnea gives a talk at CTS 2019

Looking forward I feel both scared and excited at the same time. How can we continue to be a good workplace with a declining economy and a pandemic sweeping the earth? What we do at Cygni to continue to do good stuff. Both big and small initiatives. We enjoy an ice cream over Google Hangout, we run our get-together-meetings digitally, we help our consultants to get good work tools at home, we meet via walk-and-talk, we actively work with continuous skills development even though the form is slightly different nowadays. Then, of course, we are planning for more conferences, something we hope will happen in a not too distant future. We hope that we soon can meet in other ways than this:

Digital meetingsDigital meetings

To continue to be a good employer I believe the most important thing is simply to continue to listen to our employees. We will continue to involve all employees, and listen to how they want to work, what colleagues they want, what types of assignments they want, and most importantly - how they want to work on their skills development.

But of course we will also continue to have lots of fun together!