Working with something that you really enjoy is important to keep your motivation up. At Cygni, we work hard to find the right assignments for our consultants, projects that are challenging and fun, and we are quite good at finding the perfect match. I believe that one of the reasons for that is that the consultant managers are so interested in technology!

When Cygni started in 2006, the idea was to create the Best Possible Workplace for skilled and ambitious software developers. Our vision after 14+ years is still the same, we want to be the best!

So, what does it mean to be the best? I think that one reason why our consultants like working at Cygni is our great focus on technology. We help each other, we invest heavily in skills development, we share our knowledge. This is all built into our DNA. As you probably already know, many of us work with programming because it's SO much fun. It's not “just a job”, it is something that is very creative, challenging, and as I said fun – maybe you could call it the joy of programming?

Something that I think describes the joy of programming is the poker tour that we have held in all our offices the last few months. Already back in 2012 we created a poker server, it is designed so that everyone can program their own poker players – or poker bots as we call it.

In the beginning of this year we dusted off our 2012 poker server, we updated the server to use "the latest versions" of all libraries (a lot has happened since 2012). We also rewrote the API from scratch. Now we offer a very simple poker bot API in JavaScript and anyone with decent programming skills can easily participate.

During the last few months we held tournaments in all our offices, we have been focusing on pair programming so that even those who cannot code can contribute (you can e.g. develop algorithms and smart strategies for when a bot should go "all in" or bluff).

Cygni in Malmö

The photo above is from when we coded poker bots at Cygni in Malmö before the pandemic started.

Back to the joy of programming. After running an introductory tournament in each office and giving everyone time to hack their bots, we hosted a global tournament for the entire Cygni Group – we called it the Cygni Virtual Poker Championship with participants from the north of Sweden all the way down to Amsterdam. The tournament kicked off with many nervous participants and the winner was Torbjörn who works in our office in Östersund. His bot was based on mathematical statistics i.e. "how many percent chance do I have to win with the cards I have". Nice work Torbjörn, congratulations!


Programming a bot is fun and the bots might not always behave as expected, below you can see a nice hand where Torbjörn destroys several other bots on seemingly mediocre cards :)


Cygni has always been ambitious when it comes to technology. Many of us are interested in programming and this also true for management where several of the consultant managers have their background in system development. I believe that this is very strong, the sales people understand what the consultants actually do on the assignments and can help to coach in the best way. This understanding also means that the match between the consultant and the client often is spot on. In addition to this, there are plenty of opportunities to discuss technology throughout the organization and lots of people that can help you with your assignments.

At Cygni, the consultants are allowed to choose their manager, the manager that is the best fit. If you need technical support, maybe you choose a manager that loves the joy of programming, who is happy to code bots and can deep dive into tech blogs. But technical managers are not right for everyone, if there is something else you need from your manager, there are good coaches, UX-designers, project managers, mentors etc. – simply managers with other backgrounds. You choose which type of manager you want!

If you want to program your own bot, just head over to, where you will find all the info you need to get started quickly.

Want to know more about working at Cygni? Contact us at [email protected] or check out our job ads!