One of the things of being the best place to work, in Sweden and Europe, is that we also arrange the best conferences. Because honestly, if we gather a bunch of amazing people in Alicante, there will be nothing but success!

Our consultants from Gothenburg, Malmö, and Amsterdam arrived in Alicante during Thursday evening while the rest from Stockholm, Luleå, Linköping, and Östersund touched Spanish ground later that night. The evening/night started with a small picnic in the bus transfer. Sandwich, water, and fruit to the brave travellers and thereafter immediately to bed. Friday at 08:30 AM sharp the day started by an introduction with our main man Jon Persson, welcome welcome

Jon Persson

The theme for this conference was digitalization, and as usual we worked with team building. This year we invited Johan Eriksson and Ashkan Fardoost from Hyper Island that kept our focus on top. We discussed digitalization and the revolution of the internet and had workshops regarding products of the future.


Freshly mindblown after lectures and workshops it was time for... (wait for it) “Ask the management team”. During the conference we had the chance to ask questions through an app, any questions, to all the CEO:s for the different companies within the Cygni group. We discussed everything from how much Jon (our group CEO) can bench press to strategy for our social media and what challenges the newly started offices meets when launching. After this informative session, it was time for briefing before Cygni Regatta, another peak during this trip – the Cygni Ocean race. 19 sailboats embarked on the Mediterranean in the bloody battle of becoming numero uno.

Cygni Ocean Race

I have to painfully admit that my boat actually came last. Three times in a row. That is every time. But to our defence, our captain had an amazing risk awareness which means: Do not crash the other boats and carefully lifting our sail, otherwise the wind would have defeated us. So, we were comforted by this and ended the regatta with “vamos a la Discoteca” as Parandis summarized our feelings after the various defeats. No competition without a prize. We rounded off the regatta with after sail, well-tasting tapas, refreshing drinks and of course the winners were crowned!

The winners

The evening was approaching and we were all in the mood for a restaurant. This night we split up into three groups, but tapas was the main theme. Friday ended early for the poor recruiter (me) whilst many of the consultants continued the party at some questionable club. There are rumours that Fille, one of the consultants, happily shouted “I will die at this company”.

I will die at this company

Saturday meant even more team building. We had five different activities to choose from - bicycling, walking along the waterfall of Alger, wine and chocolate tasting, coasteering, and kayak with SUP. Considering myself as someone that enjoys life, I chose wine and chocolate (obviously) and was not disappointed!

After lunch, it was time to go back to the hotel for some “alone time” which in my case meant a short run by the beach. Others took a bath. Some went shopping. We received instructions to be at the reception at 8 PM with walking friendly shoes. It was time to walk up, up to the restaurant La Ereta, that was located on a hill. Can I mention that it was magic? It was magic! We were standing on a terrace with a view over the city of Alicante and just hanging with each other while we were served tapas and cold drinks. The love was overwhelming.


Entering the restaurant we had an enjoyable menu with accompanying drinks. The entertainment was held by our fabulous consultants Amanda and Linnea that had prepared a quiz. The team “Snyggnianer” (hot Cygnians) won the contest for best team name while team “Cygni Burritos” won the actual quiz (and the honor from then and one month ahead) :D

If I hadn't known better we would leave the restaurant, happy, and without any bigger surprises, but on our way down, we met a liquid station (they said). Here we were served some fine tasting Mojitos, with or without alcohol – up to you! Such a shame that the police were waiting for us on our way down so we had to throw away our fine drinks :(

Not to cry over wasted mojitos, we then continued the night with some karaoke which was the end of Saturday night.

All good things must unfortunately come to an end, and now I'm already looking forward to Cygni Tech Summit (our tech conference) to get the chance to hang with everyone again. It would be so much fun if you, a developer with passion for system development, would like to join. Therefore I hope that you keep in touch, just send me an email and I will answer any question you might have on what it is like to work for Cygni.